Who is Sean Cowhig?

Sean Cowhig is an actor, writer, producer, and improviser living in Los Angeles. He's one of the founding members of the comedy group Dr. God, a staple of the LA improv scene for over a decade now. He worked as one of the writers on their first feature film, Bloodsucking Bastards, in which he also plays the Janitor. He also appeared on Dr. God's MOCKpocalypse on AXS TV.

Sean has performed thousands of live shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Providence, Austin, Phoenix, and even across the border in Montreal. Sean can be found on the stage of The Pack Theater monthly in the heart of Hollywood with Dr. God or in numerous other shows in other theaters in Los Angeles’s thriving indie improv scene.

He is a graduate of Emerson College in Massachusetts, a born and bred Bostonian who will do the accent when requested. Sean also teaches acting in Los Angeles at The Art of Acting Studio, a Los Angeles Stella Adler branch, and he’d like you to know that was really great work, but let’s try it again with a different choice.

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A bit about Dr. God


Dr. God is a Los Angeles based comedy group that develops content for film and television, in addition to performing live all across the country.  

Individually or as a group, Dr. God has created content for Relativity Media, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox, Imagine Television, Warner Brothers, Disney Channel, Playboy TV, National Lampoon, TV Guide Network, IFC, AMC, CNN and many other impressive names that we just can’t remember right now.  Additionally, as performers they have appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, Vh1, G4, The Reelz Channel, Playboy TV and innumerable web channels. 

Dr. God performs their unique brand of improvisational comedy every other Saturday night in Los Angeles.  They’ve performed at festivals and theaters all across the country including Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, New York, and Montreal (yes, we know that Montreal’s not in the country).  They also do the Dr. God Revival once a month with celebrity guests who deliver monologues as inspiration for the improv.

They love you very much. 

Hell DEN

Now on SYFY & NBC.com



Hell Den mixes original animation and re-dubbed cartoons in a deliciously warped and hilarious brew of social satire, musical parody, and good ol’ fashioned juvenile humor.

After an Uber-Apocalypse wipes out civilization, one kid miraculously survives: 12 year old Andrew. His house still has electricity, a working television, and a VCR, and that combination draws a few curious apocalypse-creators to his door. There's Kenneth, the moody Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse; BET-C, a sympathetic but volatile mutant cyborg; Fleek, a sleazy alcoholic alien; and Giantic, a ponderous giant. Together, they break into the liquor cabinet and join Andrew to watch twisted cartoons...because destroying the world is hard work.

It’s a new take on old cartoons with commentary by an odd group of world- obliterating drinking buddies, one 12 year old kid, and fun guest voices.  Because if the world’s going to end, you might as well go out laughing.


Bloodsucking Bastards



A down on his luck cubicle worker and his slacker best friend discover their new boss is a vampire who is turning their coworkers into the un-dead.

The Way Highway



The Way Highway is a radio show about the wild and wonderful world of weed, hosted by two THC-ficianados, Sean Cowhig and Kristin Sanchez. This comedic curation of Cannabis Americanus airs every Thursday evening on idobi radio at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific, or in podcast form whenever you feel like listening to it. If you want to ride high... always take The Way Highway.

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